Winter is a great time for getting out on the road and enjoying time with family and friends - and wherever you're going in your Hyundai, you'll want to be sure your car is performing at its optimum level. Book your Hyundai in for our comprehensive Winter Check, and be assured your car will be in tip-top condition for the journey ahead.

For just £20, our experienced Hyundai technicians will put your car through a Winter Check, which involves a thorough safety inspection using the latest equipment and technology. From oil and coolant levels to the condition of your battery and wiper blades, we will check everything to make sure your Hyundai is running at the optimum level. That means we will test the state of the brake pads, hoses and discs, together with your car’s steering, suspension and shock absorbers, not to mention the condition of your tyres. We will even treat you to a car wash and vacuum.