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New clean, electric van from LEVC

LEVC sees an end to diesel vans in our towns

Looking to end the domination of diesel, the London EV Company is set to launch a new electric van in 2019. For too long, local businesses and contractors have had little alternative but to make use of a standard, one-tonne, medium-sized, diesel van, with all its issues of pollution risking the health of the elderly, young people and those made vulnerable by illness. LEVC is determined to build on the success of its EV taxis and offer a clean, yet highly durable vehicle, to all those who must use vans for their everyday business in our busy towns and cities.

The second half of 2019 will see these LEVC vans starting trials with public-sector fleets, like the Metropolitan Police Service and the London Fire Brigade, both of which are committed to meeting a target of only purchasing zero-emission vans from 2025. Based on its 70 years’ experience and its innovative EV taxi technology, LEVC has designed a new zero-emission electric van with a target range of 100 miles a day and the capability to reduce running costs. In addition to the electric motor, the LEVC van will benefit from a range extender, so range need never be a concern. What’s more, the van will have been subjected to the LEVC’s million-mile TaxiDur test to ensure that it’s more than capable of taking whatever life throws at it in a busy work environment. The LEVC van will also benefit from high standards of safety with the addition of an array of semi-autonomous safety systems.

The zero-emission van from LEVC

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