The Lotus Elise is a vehicle name that is renowned among automotive fans. This compact and capable sportscar is as thrilling and head-turning in style as they come, with the iconic name and Lotus badge declaring that this is a vehicle of the utmost quality. Powerful engines return an unforgettable drive, and a refreshed design and technology-packed cabin ensure a rewarding motoring experience every time you drive. 

1.8-litre supercharged 16-valve engine
0-60mph in 4.1 seconds
Contemporary Interior
Audio Entertainment

This year represents the very last in which the Lotus Elise will be in production, and is also the model’s 25th anniversary. As such, you can rest assured that this last iteration - or rather two iterations, with the Sport 240 and Cup 250 - really is something special. That same low centre of gravity is complemented by a selection of bold, premium paintwork, with a dozen standard options joined by Racing Green, Nightfall Blue, Essex Blue, Calypso Red and Black choices that celebrate the heritage of the vehicle.

    Inside, the cabin has been developed and updated to provide a more contemporary motoring experience. A new TFT instrument cluster is accompanied by a final edition build plaque, and can be customised to display one of two display styles: classic analog style or modern digital. The sports seating comes in either Alcantara or leather, while the steering wheel features a flat base for better leg clearance.
    Lighter than previous iterations and powered by a magnificent 1.8-litre supercharged 16-valve engine, the new Lotus Elise delivers maximum power of 240hp and has the ability to race from 0-60mph in a breathtaking 4.1 seconds. With a six-speed manual transmission with sports ratios, you can be confident that this compact powerhouse offers incredible levels of fun behind the wheel.
    One of the great appeals of the Lotus Elise has always been the pared back nature of the cabin, without an abundance of displays and controls required. So, while there’s no busy infotainment system included, you can still access audio entertainment but, when the drive is as good as this, you’ll never want to focus on anything but.
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