Jaecoo J7


The JAECOO J7 is a family-car-sized SUV it is 4 500 mm long, 1 865 mm wide, stands 1 680 mm tall and its wheelbase measures 2 650 mm.

The JAECOO will be available in four different variants the



Intelligent technology cabin features soft and comfortable multi-mode seats,

a large panoramic sunroof,

50W wireless fast charging for mobile phones,

14.8" touch screen with a corresponding 10.25-inch driver’s display.

Aircraft style gear shift handle

14.8" Touch Screen
19" Glossy Aluminium Alloys
10 Safety Airbags
2WD & 4WD Fantastic off-road capabilities

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    Jaecoo J7 Endeavour automotive
    The technologically advanced cabin of this vehicle incorporates plush and cozy multi-mode seating, complemented by a generously sized panoramic sunroof that floods the interior with natural light. Offering convenience on-the-go, it includes 50W wireless fast charging capabilities for mobile devices, a user-friendly 14.8-inch touchscreen interface, and an aircraft-style gear shift handle for effortless control. Safety is paramount, with the inclusion of ten strategically positioned airbags, ensuring peace of mind for every journey.
    Enhanced with 19-inch glossy aluminum alloy hubs, this product showcases a design reminiscent of the captivating aurora, elevating its allure with a trendy and dazzling aesthetic. Its sleek construction not only embodies style but also ensures durability, promising both visual appeal and lasting performance.
    Endeavour Automotive JAECOO
    Within the realm of driver assistance and safety, this vehicle boasts a suite of cutting-edge features. These include a blind spot detection system, providing heightened awareness of surrounding vehicles. A panoramic camera enhances visibility, while automatic emergency braking offers an added layer of reassurance. Front and rear collision warning systems contribute to proactive safety measures, and advanced traffic sign recognition technology further enhances road safety awareness.

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