Heating and Ventilation

Driving Tips - Heating & Ventilation

It’s not just the way you drive that can impact how much you spend on fuel. Think about the way you use the equipment in your TX.

Electric vehicle batteries work best at the right temperature, so on very cold days some of the energy must be used to heat the drive battery. For example. In testing, our drivers experienced a 15% reduction in range between August and February.

TX even features a programmable timer that allows you to warm the cabin from the mains supply while plugged in to a charge point. That means you come back to a warm cab and you don’t need to use energy from your battery to warm up once you set off.

In an electric vehicle there isn’t a free source of hot air under the bonnet like in a combustion engine vehicle. Switch on your heated seat to maintain a comfortable temperature, instead of turning up the cabin heating, which has to warm a large volume of air and is therefore far less effective.

On a hot day, open a window at slow speeds instead of turning up the air-conditioning… but never do both, that freshly cooled air will disappear outside, making the system work much harder to maintain the desired temperature.

…and if there are no passengers on board, switch off the rear zone to reduce energy consumption.