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What We Do?

    Endeavour Body shop Ipswich
    If you've been unfortunate enough to have an accident, contact us first for a comprehensive estimate for you. We will then assist you with contacting your insurance company.
    Endeavour Body shop Ipswich
    If you've had an accident that isn't your fault Endeavour may be able to supply a like-for-like vehicle free of charge through our accident management program.
    Endeavour Body shop Ipswich
    Despite what your insurance company may say it's up to you where your car is repaired. We here at Endeavour Accident Repair Centre, will take what is usually a stressful situation and turn it into an experience where the customer is left happy at the end of every repair.
    Endeavour Body shop Ipswich
    Our fully accredited technicians work to the highest standards using only genuine and manufacturer-approved parts to provide peace of mind. Endeavour Accident Repair Centre is a proud member of the British Standards Institute ensuring that all safety standards are met during and after all repairs. Where your policy states.