One foot driving

Driving Tips - One Foot Driving.

The biggest change in the way you drive an electric vehicle is how you slow the vehicle.

The TX has a braking system that can take the energy normally lost as you slow down and use it to recharge the battery. To get the best range, make sure you select maximum regeneration every time you start the cab. Use this to slow down, only using the brake pedal to hold the cab stationary.

As you let off the accelerator you’ll feel the cab slowing down instead of coasting and you’ll see the power gauge start to move towards regeneration instead of propulsion. And while much of this harvested energy is used to re-charge the battery, it’s always better to avoid unnecessary acceleration in the first place, as it takes more energy to accelerate than can be captured as you slow down.

If you’re using the brake pedal too often you’re wasting that energy, and wearing your brake pads faster than you need to.

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