The OMODA also comes in an electric range called the OMODA E5

The design language is derived from Star Trek's radical design style and rhythmic changes in light and shadow.

Trend-setting styling, eye-catching textures and exquisite details make a difference.


Featuring a 61 kWh Lithium-Iron Phosphate battery pack, charging from 30-80% in as little as 28 minutes.

Up to 80kW DC charging speed.

Range of up to 257 miles (WLTP)

Charging port mounted at front

The 24.6-inch super large size brings ultra-clear vision, and the curved screen with dual-screen interconnection is biased towards the driver's side, making the information rich and easy to read, ensuring safety

Features vehicle-to-load system for powering external devices

Max torque 340NM.

0-62mph in 7.6 seconds.

Top speed 107mph

Intelligent control of cooling oil volume and intelligent distribution technology make the drive system have a longer life, safer and more reliable

257 Up To Mile Range
340NM Max torque
80kW Up to DC charging speed.
150kW Maximum Power

Find out more about the OMODA E5

    OMODA E5 Endeavour Automotive Speaker
    Experience unparalleled audio quality with the 8 speaker SONY sound system. With precision engineering and advanced technology, the SONY sound system brings your music to life, creating a truly immersive audio environment within your vehicle. Experience the power of premium sound quality with the 8 speaker SONY sound system, enhancing every moment of your driving journey.
    OMODA E5 ALLOY Endeavour Automotive
    Alloy wheels offer improved performance and handling compared to traditional steel wheels. They are known for their durability, corrosion resistance, and ability to dissipate heat effectively, making them ideal for high-performance driving. Additionally, alloy wheels can enhance the overall aesthetic of a vehicle, adding a touch of sophistication and sportiness.
    OMODA E5 Interior Endeavour Automotive
    The 24.6-inch super large size of the screen provides an ultra-clear vision, enhancing the visual experience for users. The curved screen design, with dual-screen interconnection biased towards the driver's side, ensures that information is rich and easy to read. This setup not only enhances the user experience but also contributes to safety by providing easy access to important information while driving. The 3D ultra-clear interface, powered by high-power one-core dual screens, further enhances the display quality. With a 3000R true curved screen and a resolution of up to 1920*720, users can enjoy a visually immersive and detailed viewing experience.

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