New Volvo 360c concept

Autonomous driving – Volvo aims to make everyday life better

Volvo has started the conversation about what autonomous driving should look like with the new Volvo 360c concept. And we’re not just talking about a really good-looking car. The Volvo 360c concept is designed to break down barriers about what you can use your travel time for, and how an autonomous car can replace other forms of transport, along with taking an in-depth look at the ways in which a completely autonomous car can best communicate with other road users, especially pedestrians and human-controlled vehicles. Many Volvos are already fitted with the semi-autonomous Pilot Assist, contact us for more details.

The new Volvo 360c concept helps you imagine a new way of living. Imagine a car that requires no input from you after you have set the destination. You would be free to read, watch a film or go to sleep, arriving relaxed and refreshed at your destination. Such a car would also make an ideal office on the go, enabling you to live further from your place of work, as you would be fully connected during your journey. Short-haul air travel is an experience few people enjoy. Imagine being able to get to your destination without the endless queuing, without being squeezed into an uncomfortable seat and without the hassle of having to get to and from the airport at both ends. These are all advantages the new Volvo 360c concept seeks to deliver with its new vision of an autonomous car and how such cars can make lives better.

Another aspect of autonomous motoring that the new Volvo 360c concept seeks to address is that of safety. A national road system where only autonomous cars will be driving is a long way off, meaning there will be a period where autonomous vehicles will need to interact with human-controlled vehicles to enhance safety. The technologies onboard the new Volvo 360c concept suggest solutions to be adopted across all car makers. These include the use of external sounds, colours, visuals and movements to replace the use of human-eye contact that drivers will often rely on to communicate their intentions. What Volvo is keen to stress is that these communication methods are only there to make it more obvious what the autonomous car is about to do, rather than to try to instruct other road users to take any action.

The new Volvo 360c concept is a glimpse of the future where autonomous vehicles can radically improve the lives of everyone who ever has to travel and to make the world a better and safer place.

Volvo 360c concept – the future of travel

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