Volvo V90 Police Car

Swedish Police Choose Volvo V90

V90 achieves best-ever rating in Swedish police tests

Since 1929, the Swedish police have been choosing Volvo. Now, the Volvo V90 has been added to the long list of highly successful Volvo police cars. The Swedish police put potential police cars through some tough tests in areas such as braking and high-speed emergency driving, as well as testing how well they perform around an obstacle course and how well they can undertake evasive actions in an emergency. Scoring 9.2 out of 10 in these rigorous tests meant the Volvo V90 achieved the highest score ever recorded. However, the Volvo V90 police car had to convince not just as a suitable emergency vehicle, but it is also designated as a workplace, so has to satisfy Swedish regulations on comfort, ergonomics and quality. After all that testing, the report stated: “…overall, it is difficult to find any faults at all”. If you would like to experience such a thoroughly tested car for your everyday motoring, just drop in to Volvo Cars London and take a test drive. You’ll discover just what has got the Swedish police so excited about their new Volvo V90 police cars and you’ll find some great offers too.

Some of the benefits of a Volvo V90 include:

  • Sensus Connect with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto
  • Driver assistance systems like Pilot Assist for maintaining your speed and distance from the vehicle in front and staying in lane
  • 360˚ camera to make every manoeuvre easier
  • Head-up display for driver information
  • Four-cylinder twin turbo-charged diesel engine – FWD or AWD

Discover advanced power efficiency, connectivity and safety – the Volvo V90

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