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New LEVC Taxi For Sale

Introducing the TX – the world’s most advanced taxi

The LEVC TX looks like a classic black cab - but under the skin it’s the taxi of the future

The TX electric taxi is the culmination of years of vehicle research and development to create the perfect taxi for the roads of today… and of the future.

This revolutionary car has the classic features that have made the black cab such an iconic and successful machine. But it also adds an impressive array of new technologies to cope with restrictions and requirements that are likely in the next few years too.

The key features of the revolutionary new TX electric taxi include:

  • Sophisticated power system using a pure emission-free electric motor plus a petrol-powered range extender
  • Total range of 377 miles
  • Familiar instantly-recognisable black cab design
  • Powerful on-board wi-fi system so passengers can stay connected
  • Light, spacious interior with panoramic glass sunroof and six seats
  • Large, wide-opening doors for easy access for everyone.
  • Three year/120,000-mile warranty plus five year unlimited mileage battery warranty
  • Wide range of extras and options to help you customise your cab to your exact requirements
  • Long 25,000-mile service intervals to keep days off the road to a minimum
  • Industry-leading flexible charging systems

The new TX has been designed by engineers, with the help of professional taxi drivers, so that it matches the exact needs of the profession.

At its heart is the clever electric-petrol combination that gives drivers the best of both worlds.

LEVC Exterior

Extend your range

The TX’s on-board technology means you can drive in all-electric mode but top up your battery when required using the range-extender petrol motor. This means your working range is 377 miles between charges.

The TX offers the fuel saving and environmental-friendliness of electric vehicles while its range-extender removes the problem of range-anxiety.

Drivers can easily select different modes to run as an emission-free electric-only vehicle in controlled inner-city zones or as a smart computer-controlled hybrid on longer journeys.

LEVC Exterior
LEVC Front

Cost savings

Upgrading to the new TX will bring significant fuel savings for any professional taxi driver. We estimate that this could be around £100 a week for drivers of previous generation vehicles.

The simplicity of the motor means you can save money in other ways too: the electric motor requires less maintenance than conventional power units. The service intervals of 25,000 miles are among the longest for any commercial electric vehicle.

Its lithium-ion battery has been tested for more than a million miles and is designed to last for the lifetime of the vehicle. That’s why it is backed by an industry-leading warranty.

On-street charging

You can also use fast on-street charging during the day. Drivers can recharge 60% of the TX’s battery during a quick 45-minute lunch break. Unlike other electric vehicles, the dual on-board inverter chargers allow drivers to harness the quickest charging rate available.

The electric taxi has been built with different charging sockets to offer unrivalled flexibility. You can top it up from virtually any public charge point, whether slow (>7kW), fast (>22kW) or rapid (50kW).

Don’t forget that if you're not able to take a short break to top-up your battery during the day, you can still travel 377 miles before you need to plug-in again, thanks to the range extender.

Owners can use an interactive map, viewable in a web browser or using an iOS or Android app, to navigate the public EV charge network, view connector type, charging speeds, comments from other users, and even get a live status update on individual charge points.

LEVC Charging

Comfort and luxury

The TX features an orthopaedic, multi-adjusting driving seat expertly designed to be comfortable for long periods at the wheel. This forms the heart of the ergonomically engineered front cab that provides a luxurious and highly efficient mobile office for its drivers. Other driver-oriented features include advanced connectivity options, plenty of storage spaces and a very simple, clear LCD dashboard.

The TX may be the first black cab that can drive purely on electric power but this is no experimental pioneering vehicle. It’s a carefully researched design that has been extensively tested in extreme environments all over the world. LEVC has already done more miles of testing in the TX than all its previous vehicles combined.

Most importantly it has been tried and tested by the most demanding testers LEVC could find – a team of professional taxi drivers.


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