New Lotus Evija For Sale

As all-electric motoring goes, there’s nothing that can compare to the British made hypercar, the Lotus Evija. This incredible feat of engineering builds on the manufacturer’s seven decades of excellence and embraces the future like never

62mph In under 3 seconds
Digital Infotainment Systems
Futuristic Motoring
Zero Emissions

One glance at the new Evija and you can be certain that this is unequivocally a Lotus. The sharp and well defined lines of the body create a distinctive silhouette, while the wing-style opening of the doors is something to behold. The rear end of this concept vehicle is simply breath-taking too, with incredible lighting enhancing its road presence.

    Connectivity is assured in the new Lotus Evija, with the model featuring a suite of digital infotainment systems that benefit from over-the-air updates. You will be able to engage with the model via a dedicated Lotus app, meaning you can monitor vehicle charge and heat or cool the vehicle prior to getting inside. There’s also bold, clear digital displays that present all the key motoring information you require.
    Inside, the Evija is the height of futuristic motoring. The distinctive steering wheel is just a part of the design that takes inspiration from the world of motorsport, while the dramatic carbon-fibre bucket seats, digital dashboard, and the vehicle’s mode controller - which offers Range, City, Tour, Sport and Track - are notable features.
    This is where the new Lotus Evija really shines. The 70kWh battery is the most powerful production vehicle in the world, producing a remarkable 2,000PS. This means the model will race to 62mph in under three seconds. What’s more, because it’s all-electric, there are zero emissions produced, and the range of 215 miles on a single charge is exceptional. All-in-all, you can be certain that the new Lotus Evija just set the bar higher than ever.
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