Lotus over the years

It’s a happy 70th anniversary for Lotus

Commemorating the first Lotus ever built


8,000 people gathered in Hethel, Norfolk to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the first Lotus and Lotus founder, Colin Chapman. And, being 70 years on, another 8,000 or more participated in this exciting event online from around the world. Never, in the history of Lotus, has such a large number of Lotus cars gathered in one place to be admired by so many. Lotus enthusiasts were delighted by the array of iconic Lotus models on show, whilst heroes of the Lotus company, from Mike Kimberley to Elisa Artioli shared their stories and enthralled the crowds onsite and online.

Lotus had its professional driving team out in force to show off on the track with an Evora GT410 Sport, an Exige Sport 410 and the Elise Sport 220. With 81 race victories to its name, Lotus certainly had some exciting F1 cars to show fans, including the 1967 F1 DFV-powered Lotus 49 and the 1978 Lotus 79. 14 Lotus Owners’ Clubs took part, allowing everyone a glimpse of some of the most sought-after Lotus models of yesteryear. Two big competitions took place on the day. The first was a continuation of the raffle to win the Jim Clark Trust’s Lotus Evora GT410 Sport, the 100,000th Lotus built. The second was a secret concours, judged throughout the day by Sam Fane and won by a Sunbeam Lotus of Fréquelin/Todt fame.The day finished with 700 Lotus owners taking to the track in their own cars to mark the end of this historic day.

Platinum Lotus Celebration at Hethel

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