Double Win For Volvo XC60 In 2019 Driver Power Survey.


> Volvo XC60 crowned best model in highly competitive Premium Mid-size SUV category

> Ranked top among all cars for Safety Features
> Awards based on opinions of thousands of UK car owners

The Volvo XC60 has achieved emphatic success in the Driver Power 2019 survey, claiming the gold award in the hotly contested Premium Mid-size SUV category and the Safety Features section. The honours are all the more significant for being determined by the opinions of thousands of UK motorists who took part in the wide-ranging satisfaction survey, published today in Auto Express magazine.

Their high regard for the XC60 and its safety performance sustains the model’s exceptional run of awards since its launch in 2017. Asked to judge their cars on attributes such as design, cabin comfort, practicality, running costs, infotainment, engine and gearbox, ride and handling, reliability and build quality, their responses secured the Volvo’s best-in-class status with a score of 92.1%.

Overall, the XC60’s safety rating was higher than any of the 100 different models featured in the survey (aged from two months to two years old). This confirms the real-world impact of Volvo’s brand-defining dedication to making the safest cars on the road. As standard, the XC60 is equipped with a range of advanced safety features, from the fundamental protection afforded by its exceptionally strong construction to Volvo’s ground-breaking City Safety system, which detects collision risks and provides automatic braking and steering assistance when necessary to avoid an impact or at least limit its severity.

Other high-tech safety aids include Oncoming Lane Mitigation, Run-off Road Protection, Driver Alert Control with Lane Keeping Aid, and Road Sign Information display. A full suite of airbags and braking and stability control functions are also fitted to every XC60, a model that earned the maximum five-star rating and the distinction of the best overall performance of the year in independent Euro NCAP testing in 2017.

Safety aside, the desirable XC60 delivers all the qualities motorists seek from a premium mid-size SUV, combining cool Scandinavian styling inside and out with outstanding levels of technology, quality and comfort. At the same time, the luxury appeal is seamlessly blended with designed-in practicality in terms of flexible and convenient luggage space and a wide choice of efficient and refined engines, and front- or all-wheel-drive configurations.

Steve Fowler, Auto Express Editor-in-Chief, praised the XC60’s achievement: “It takes something very special to reach the top of the competitive premium mid-size SUV market – and that’s exactly what the Volvo XC60 has managed in the Driver Power 2019 survey. Owners praised it in a wide range of areas, including seat comfort, where it beat every other car in the survey.”

Where the XC60’s superb safety performance was concerned, he added: “Volvo has been synonymous with safety for decades, and continual innovation means it’s still at the top of the class – but not just in Euro NCAP crash tests; it’s something that Volvo owners love, too. XC60 owners put the SUV in first place for safety, ranking its roster of passive and active safety systems as better than any other car’s.”

Jon Wakefield, Volvo Car UK Managing Director, said: “We are particularly proud of these awards because they are determined directly by the satisfaction of customers – people who live with and rely on our cars every day. The XC60 and its safety technology are a perfect expression of who we are as a brand today, making these honours all the more rewarding as an independent validation of our product strategy and priorities.”

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