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Volvo LifePaint For Sale at Volvo Cars London

LifePaint makes for a safer ride for cyclists

Volvo LifePaint is an amazing spray-on reflective paint that is invisible in ordinary daylight, but really comes into its own in the dark, when it will reflect straight back any light, such as car headlights, that shines on it. What’s more, Volvo LifePaint can be sprayed straight onto a variety of soft materials, such as fleece, cotton, linen and some nylons, as well as everyday items, including bike helmets, kid’s backpacks, shoes and pushchairs. Volvo Life Paint, priced from only £13 a can is a potentially life-saving safety product.

Keeping yourself and your children safe and highly visible in today’s busy traffic on those dark winter evenings, whether on a bike or just walking, is now not only much easier, but also a lot of fun. Your kids will love showing off their super-cool, reflective gear to their friends. Volvo LifePaint, for sale at all Volvo Cars London dealerships, is a major safety initiative from Volvo and designed to help reduce some of the 19,000 cyclist injuries that occur on UK roads every year. Volvo’s MD said: “Not only are we a world leader in safety technology for our cars, by offering this innovative spray online, we're helping to protect more people on our roads than ever – whether they drive a Volvo or not”.

Some benefits of Volvo LifePaint:

  • Reflective coating to make cyclists more visible at night
  • Invisible in daylight
  • Designed to react to car headlights
  • Can be used on a variety of soft and hard surfaces
  • Can be washed off with no effect on the colour or texture of the material
  • Lasts for up to a week

Volvo LifePaint: a shining example of Volvo’s safety philosophy

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