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Volvo Red Key: Function Restriction for S90, V90, XC90

Kids want to borrow the car again? No more worries with the Red Key

Even the most trustworthy son or daughter can have their over-exuberant days. But now, when they’re driving your precious Volvo, you can protect them and your car with the pioneering Red Key. In fact, you can use the Red Key to restrict your Volvo’s functions whenever you have to entrust your Volvo to another driver, from repair technicians to valet parking staff.

This new Volvo key is available for the Volvo S90, V90 and XC90, whether you’re buying a new car or already have one of these models. The Red Key can restrict the car’s top speed to 75mph, set the adaptive cruise control to keep its maximum distance from the car in front, and set a maximum audio output on the sound system. What’s more, it will make sure that safety features like the blind spot information system, lane keeping aid, forward collision warning, driver alert control, distance alert and traffic sign recognition can’t be disabled. Volvo’s Operations Director said, “For those who regularly entrust their car to others, Volvo’s Red Key gives owners the confidence that their vehicle is being driven responsibly, no matter whose hands it’s in”. The Red Key is another step in Volvo’s fitment of advanced technology to its new car range, and it’s available at your local Volvo Cars London dealership.

Some advantages of the Volvo Red Key:

  • Available for new and existing owners across all Volvo’s 90 series cars
  • Helps ensure responsible use of your Volvo by other drivers
  • Sets maximum speed of 75mph
  • Sets adaptive cruise control to keep the maximum distance from the car in front
  • Restricts the volume of the audio system
  • Keeps safety features permanently activated

Volvo Red Key: a red-letter day for safety

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