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New Volvo Reviews: First Time on UK Roads

Read the latest Volvo Reviews on V90 Cross Country, S90 and V90 R-Design.

At Volvo Cars London, we think Volvos are the best cars you can buy, so it’s great when the UK motoring press have equally superb things to say! Read on for some of the best Volvo V90 Cross Country reviews for both on and off road, and then to find out more, simply contact our sales team who will also be able to arrange a test drive for you at the very first opportunity.

Take a look at these latest reviews:

Auto Express: "The V90 Cross Country still shows that, two decades on from its conception, the premium crossover-estate is a very appealing proposition. Buyers are still expected to flock to the XC90 SUV, but the estate's sleek style, strong practicality, upmarket cabin and decent on-road manners should maintain a loyal following. The fact that it's still a capable off-road car is the icing on the cake."

Top Gear: "Wonderfully calming, and probably the best of all the latest 90-series cars (S90, V90 and XC90). With more ride height, it's comfier than a regular V90, and with light, effortless steering and lots of suspension travel, you seem to glide about the place."

The Telegraph: "The Volvo V90 Cross Country is a very fine car indeed. While it carries a price premium over a standard V90, the even more cosseting ride alone is arguably worth it, while those who live down muddy and rutted tracks or need to get to remote locations will appreciate this car's useful off-road ability."

Motoring UK: "The S90 R-Design does have a lowered sports chassis, so it is reasonably agile considering it's a car that's just under five metres in length. When you go and find a piece of quiet road where you can really test the S90, you won't be disappointed in what a great drive it is."

Alphr: "If you still think Volvo is synonymous with the school run and boxy load-lugging estates, then take a long, hard look at these new cars. They’re smart, packed with high-tech, practical features, and are a viable, slightly cheaper alternative to the excellent Mercedes-Benz E-Class and Audi A6."

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