Volvo on call

Volvo On Call

Volvo On Call: your Volvo, one touch of a button away

Volvo On Call puts you in constant contact with your Volvo, allowing you to control certain features, no matter where you happen to be. Lock or unlock the doors, check the fuel level, cool or heat the interior, preconfigure the satnav for a specific destination – all via a user-friendly smartphone app. And when you’re inside the car, it connects you with the outside world, giving you access to roadside and emergency assistance at the push of a button. To see Volvo On Call in action, visit any of our Volvo Cars London dealerships and ask for a demonstration.

A subscription service available for use on all models factory-equipped with Volvo On Call (model year 2012 and later only), it’s designed to make your life easier. You can start your journey in complete comfort, even when the conditions outside are freezing cold or baking hot, by starting your car remotely and allowing the climate control system to run according to its most recent settings. You can search for a point of interest or a location, and send it to your car’s navigation system, preparing your trip in advance, so that you can just jump in and go when the time comes.

Once on the move, Volvo On Call is yet another reason why Volvo cars are known to provide the ultimate in peace-of-mind motoring. For any unexpected motoring incidents, Volvo On Call can be used to request assistance to your GPS location, either voluntarily or automatically, if a collision is detected. And Volvo On Call is also alerted if there’s a suspicious entry into your car. If it’s stolen, we’ll use your car’s GPS to find it. For more information on this and other features of any Volvo model, contact the Volvo Cars London team.

Highlight functions of Volvo On Call:

  • Remote engine start and interior heating/cooling
  • Lock/unlock the car remotely
  • Preconfigure navigation destinations
  • Check vehicle status
  • Request assistance in case of an emergency

Volvo On Call: control your car wherever you are

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