Volvo to partner with Google

Enhancing your new Volvo with Google Assistant, Google Play Store and Google Maps

Volvo has announced that it is developing its partnership with Google, first announced in 2017, to include Google Assistant, Google Play Store and Google Maps in its next-generation in-car Sensus infotainment system. This will bring major advantages to new Volvo drivers with the real-time, online and connectivity benefits that Volvo will be able to offer you by using Google and its Android operating system. To find out more about this exciting Volvo and Google partnership and when you can expect to see these advances on new Volvo cars, please contact us.

The next generation of Volvo’s already highly acclaimed Sensus infotainment system will run on the Google Android operating system, allowing thousands of Google apps to be available in new Volvos. Google Assistant will give you voice control over in-car functions, such as air conditioning, messaging and music choice; Google Maps will mean you’ll have access to real-time traffic information and options for alternative routes; and Google Play Store will be the interface through which you’ll be able to access your choice of Google apps. It all adds up to a significant evolution in how Volvo will be providing you with information and entertainment going forward, with the first systems expected to be available in 2020.

Volvo will continue to develop its own solutions to infotainment and connectivity alongside this Google partnership, but as Henrik Green, Senior Vice President of Research and Development at Volvo Cars, said. “The Android platform, Google services and Google’s working relationship with app developers in-house and worldwide will help us further improve the Volvo car experience.”

Next-generation Sensus to work with Google

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