Volvo XC60 – upgraded by Polestar

Get more performance in your new Volvo XC60

Now you can get the new Volvo XC60 with true Polestar performance, thanks to the latest generation of Polestar enhancements being made available for this dynamic SUV. Choose Volvo XC60 Polestar powertrain optimisation and you’re assured of intense new levels of driving pleasure whenever you get behind the wheel of one of the most powerful Volvos ever produced. To find out more about this superb machine, just send us an enquiry to register your interest.

Polestar has many years of experience working with its motorsport partner, Cyan Racing, and this knowledge has all been brought to bear to help transform the XC60. Volvo XC60 Polestar powertrain optimisation elements include performance enhancements to the engine, the accelerator response and the off-accelerator response, as well as to the gearshift speed and hold. The result is a lot more power and a lot more torque, especially in the all-important middle of the rev range. As a driver, you’ll notice the benefits whenever you overtake, as the gearbox shifts faster and the shift points have been set to make best use of the newly optimised mid-range engine performance. What’s more, when coming out of a corner with a high lateral g-force, the gear-hold function has been set up to help maintain the balance of the car.

You can choose from four models with the Volvo XC60 Polestar powertrain optimisation: D4, D5, T5 and the T8, which, at 421hp, is one of the most powerful Volvos ever made. A big advantage of all this extra Polestar performance is that, for example on the T8, the fuel consumption of 134.5 mpg, the pure electric range of up to 28 miles and the class-leading low emissions of the standard Volvo XC60 have all been maintained, as well as the original Volvo warranty.

Choose the Volvo XC60 with added Polestar performance

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