Volvo XC40 5-Star Euro NCAP Success

Top recognition for Volvo XC40 safety

Accolades just keep on coming to the new Volvo models. The most recent is Europe’s top recognition for Volvo XC40 safety, following a thorough testing programme. Not only did the Volvo XC40 5-Star Euro NCAP verdict of excellence come naturally to the proud manufacturer of the world’s safest cars, but so good was Volvo XC40 safety that it beat all other cars tested to date under Euro NCAP’s super-tough, new regime. That’s a real plus if you’re concerned about the safety of the car you drive. To try out Volvo XC40 safety technology for yourself, please get in touch to arrange a test drive.

Now recognised as one of the safest cars available today, Volvo XC40 safety isn’t just about you, but your family, your colleagues if you use your car for business and all other road users from drivers through cyclists to pedestrians. Euro NCAP’s new 2018 testing regime now encompasses even more challenging tests, as well as the assessment of cyclist-detection with auto-brake and emergency lane keeping systems. But, for the XC40, there were no issues, thanks to the plethora of safety systems fitted as standard across all trim levels. In fact, the XC40 has more safety technology onboard than any other small SUV.

This confirmation of the XC40’s safety comes on top of the 2018 European Car of the Year Award, and when you come to think about a new Volvo, it’s good to know that all current Volvo cars tested by Euro NCAP have received a five-star rating.

Volvo safety: a top priority across the range

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