Volvo XC40 Tow Car Awards

Tow with a tower of strength: Volvo XC40

When you need to tow, you want to be sure you’ve chosen the best car for the job. Now, there’s even more Volvo XC40 awards success, following its win as Best Family SUV in the Tow Car Awards 2018. Whenever you take your Volvo XC40 towing, you can be sure of having all the power, stability, safety and practicality you need. But you don’t have to just trust the range of experts that awarded this Volvo XC40 tow car award, you’re welcome to visit any of our dealerships and try this exceptional car out for yourself with a test drive.

And it was certainly a skilled and experienced judging panel for the Tow Car Awards 2018. The XC40 had to satisfy the critical eye of experts from Practical Caravan, What Car? and The Camping and Caravanning Club in a range of stringent tests. The car chosen was the Volvo XC40 D4 AWD with its 2.0-litre 190hp engine, offering up to 400Nm of torque between 1,750 and 2,500rpm. This powerful SUV is capable of towing a 2.1 tonne braked trailer, making it ideal for most caravans and trailers. Apart from its excellent towing ability, the XC40 also triumphed, thanks to its overall handling and performance, which can be enhanced even further with Volvo's Polestar engineered optimisation performance upgrades. Comfort and practicality were also key factors, with the XC40 capable of taking up to 460 litres of luggage or 1,336 litres, if the rear seats are folded, meaning everything you need for your trip can be easily accommodated.

After the Volvo XC40 tow car awards win, Jon Wakefield, Managing Director of Volvo Car UK, showed his own enthusiasm for this exceptional SUV, "Its intelligent design and advanced powertrain make it a superb choice for those who need a capable car for towing, while its contemporary looks, well-equipped interior and high levels of comfort and safety mean it is an ideal family car for everyday driving."

Volvo XC40 Tow Car Awards: XC40 makes toast of the opposition

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