Volvo XC60 Tow Car of the Year 2019

Volvo XC60: the benchmark for caravanability and performance


Who could be better than the judges of the Caravan and Motorhome Club Tow Car Awards to decide on the best cars for towing? And there’s no doubt either that Volvo has come out on top with four Volvo tow car awards. The Volvo XC60 Tow Car of the Year 2019 Award proved the XC60 as being the best of the best after extensive testing at the Millbrook proving ground.

So, what makes the Volvo XC60 Tow Car of the Year 2019? Caravanability is a key factor. That covers factors such as whether there’s sufficient luggage space to carry ancillary equipment and the height of the tow ball. Then, of course, it’s over to the specialist driving team to check out the car’s acceleration, braking and stability, whilst towing a caravan around some of the tough routes at Millbrook.

The outcome was that against 35 other cars being judged, the Volvo XC60 took the Best Family Tow Car and Best Tow Car in the 1,500-1,700kg caravan weight category, before going on to take the overall Tow Car of the Year 2019 Award. The Volvo XC40 D4 took the Best Tow Car title in the 1,350-1,500kg caravan weight category, just ahead of the XC40 T5.

Talking of the Volvo XC60 Tow Car of the Year 2019 win, the judges said: “It also gave one of the most comfortable rides of the entire competition – all in all an ideal car for caravanners.” They were also highly impressed by the Volvo XC40, saying: “Towing just got cooler.”

But ultimately, there is someone else who can decide on the best car for towing – just come along to one of our dealerships, take a Volvo out for a test drive and decide for yourself.

Volvo Tow Car Awards: cars that excel in desirability and performance

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