Gender Pay Gap Report and Statement

In line with the Equality Act 2010, which requires all Companies with over 250 employees to disclose their gender pay gap on an annual basis, Endeavour Automotive Limited is pleased to announce its results. The Company is committed to closing the underlying gap.

Pay Information and Gender Split

Mean hourly difference between male and female employees – 9%

Median hourly pay difference between male and female employees – 11%

Mean bonus pay gap – 46%

Proportion of males/females receiving bonus payment – 60% males/34% females

Proportion of males/females in each quartile are set out below with Q1 being the highest paid

employees: -

Quartile Male Female
Q1 76% 24%
Q2 73% 27%
Q3 80% 20%
Q4 85% 15%

Endeavour Automotive Limited is required to report its gender pay information as shown above and on the Government website.

Our gender pay gap is 9% which has seen a year-on-year reduction from the previous three years. The mean pay gap has reduced significantly in the last year from 75% in 2023 to 46% in 2024. The number of males in each quartile exceeds that of females. The reasons for this lie outside of the Company’s control as we select and pay all employees on the basis of merit. We have a policy to recruit people of all genders but do find significantly higher proportions of men apply for positions. As a Company we are satisfied that all necessary steps are being undertaken to ensure that positions throughout the Company are filled irrespective of gender.

April 2024