New Hyundai NEXO For Sale

With the conversation around climate change getting ever stronger, automotive manufacturers are vying to produce the best electrified vehicles. Hyundai, however, has gone one step further with the all-new NEXO – a car that doesn’t just reduce its impact on the environment, it exists in harmony with it.

5 year Unlimited mileage warranty
1.56 kWh High voltage battery
461-litre Boot capacity
12.3 inch Colour touchscreen display
    The Hyundai NEXO cleverly combines all those elements which make it recognisable as a product of the South Korean marque – a wide grille, twin headlamps, and a strong character line – with details that set it apart as a different type of vehicle. A wheel air curtain is incorporated into the front end, while a coupé-style roof and retractable door handles place the emphasis on efficiency. Plus, with its own unique colour palette, which includes Copper Metallic and Dusk Blue, it ensures you turn heads wherever you go.
    A spacious, well-appointed interior continues the car’s harmonious theme. Dual LCD displays present crystal clear driver information and multimedia controls, while bio fibres deliver a comfortable and sustainable environment. There’s a level of versatility ordinarily only seen in SUVs too – the car’s 461-litre boot capacity can be extended to 1,466 litres by folding the rear seats forward.
    It’s clear from the moment you enter the Hyundai NEXO that this is a vehicle for the modern driver. The 12.3-inch colour display provides access to navigation, infotainment, climate control, and energy consumption information, and even enables you to select up to three screens to view at the same time. Smartphone integration allows you to access apps using the touchscreen, and a wireless charging pad ensures your phone stays charged.
    The all-new Hyundai NEXO is powered by a second-generation, emissions-free hydrogen fuel cell, which combines oxygen and hydrogen to power the electric motor and charge the high-voltage battery. Delivering best-in-class performance and no emissions except purified air and clean water droplets, it takes sustainable motoring to a new level.
    Put simply, the NEXO can achieve 413 miles on a single charge, sprint from 0-62mph in under ten seconds, and produce 25.9kg of purified air in one hour. What’s more, it only takes five minutes to fill up.
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