New Hyundai Connected Operating System

Driving the development of the Hyper-connected Intelligent Car

Hyundai technology is set to revolutionise the on-road connectivity experience with its ccOS, connected car Operating System. The development of the Hyundai connected Operating System has been brought forward with plans to launch the Hyper-connected Intelligent Car in 2020. So, what will the benefits be of all these advances in connectivity planned by Hyundai?

ccOS will enable a new generation of Hyundai cars with high-speed data transmission and reception, which means that updates to software in the car responsible for your vehicle’s safety, security, comfort and convenience can be easily activated without the need for a dealership visit. Inherent in this vision is making every Hyundai car such a hub of information that it becomes the basis of a user’s everyday requirement for information of almost any type. It’s an exciting time at Hyundai technology with advances becoming available to improve smartphone and smart home connected services; access to intelligent remote support; the development of fully autonomous cars; smart traffic functionality and the availability of mobility hubs. To be kept up to date with all the latest in Hyundai technology, just register your interest here.

How the Hyundai vision will be realised:

  • New ccOS to power the Hyper-connected Intelligent Car by 2020
  • New Infotainment Software Development Team established 2016 to develop ccOS technologies
  • New Big Data Centre opened to enhance connected car development
  • Working with Cisco to develop car network technology

Hyundai: the journey to ultimate connectivity

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