Hyundai supports Stand Up To Cancer

Hyundai Contactless Car makes donating fun and easy

Hyundai in the UK is throwing its weight behind Stand Up To Cancer in a unique way. With the help of a specially adapted Hyundai IONIQ, Hyundai will be taking contactless donations, starting at a launch event at King’s Cross on 22nd May and then a tour of events and Hyundai dealerships nationally until November. Watch out for your chance to donate and Stand Up To Cancer.

IONIQ is Hyundai’s zero-emission electric vehicle, and now it’s out and about with a new mission: fighting cancer. Hyundai has added five contactless points on this special IONIQ that make use of TAP TO GIVE™, so you can easily donate amounts of £5 or £10 pounds with your contactless debit or credit card. What’s more, every time you donate, the IONIQ will thank you with an electronic movement or a visual or audio response, whilst the number plates will display a running total. In addition, the Hyundai Contactless Car will contain an in-car photo booth, enabling everyone who donates to take their picture and stick it on the outside of the car, building a fantastic montage of all the generous donors. This Hyundai Contactless Car is supporting Cancer Research UK in their efforts to take research and turn it into practical applications to fight cancer.

Stand Up To Cancer with Hyundai

If you have any questions about Stand Up To Cancer and the Hyundai Contactless Car, please give us a call or send us a Hyundai IONIQ enquiry

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