Hyundai Hydrogen SUV

Hyundai fuel cell SUV arriving in 2018

There’s a revolutionary new SUV coming soon from Hyundai. Not yet named, this new SUV will be powered by hydrogen and incorporates a host of advances in its power technology that takes it way ahead of previous hydrogen-powered models. This Hyundai hydrogen SUV will be launched next year, but Hyundai recently offered a sneak preview in Seoul and here’s what was on show.

Incorporating the fourth-generation of Hyundai fuel-cell technology, this SUV offers much improved efficiency, indeed an increase of 9%, resulting in a range of 800km, around 497 miles. This increase in range is helped by improvements in capacity in the hydrogen storage tanks. Previously, fuel-cell vehicles have also experienced challenges with starting at temperatures below zero, but no longer. This SUV will have the ability to start at -30 degrees Celsius. In addition, power output is up by 20%, meaning access to 163PS.

Along with these innovations in fuel-cell technology, the new Hyundai SUV will benefit from a futuristic design based on the FE Concept car shown at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show. The design is based on the appearance of flowing water, which, of course, is the only emission from a hydrogen-powered car. Inside, the SUV’s eco credentials will be further boosted by the use of bio-materials with eco-friendly certification. Further innovations will be announced soon in the onboard driver assistance technology systems that will be integrated into this SUV.

This is not a stand-alone development for Hyundai. Look out for a raft of exciting new models being launched in the coming years, all designed to further the Hyundai aim of being a major contributor to the creation of a near-zero emission society.

Serene design, purity in motion – the new Hyundai hydrogen-powered SUV

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