New Hyundai KONA Iron Man Edition

Hyundai KONA is a real marvel

Result! The ongoing association between Hyundai and Marvel has produced the new Hyundai KONA Iron Man Edition. Revelling in the look, fun and toughness of Tony Stark’s Iron Man suit, the KONA Iron Man is a unique special edition with limited numbers worldwide and available only by special order. On view for the first time at San Diego Comic-Con 2018, the KONA Iron Man displays an array of Stark-like flourishes. The first models of this new Hyundai KONA special edition will be available in quarter one of 2019. Make sure you get your name on one – send an enquiry today.

Tony Stark said of his suit: “My armour’s manoeuvrable, fast, and lots of fun at parties.” The new Hyundai KONA Iron Man Edition is designed to give you all those same advantages. From the Tony Stark signature dashboard graphic and Iron Man mask on the smart key to the red armour roof finish with Iron Man mask graphic and matte grey body paint, the Kona Iron Man is a Stark-Industries-inspired SUV.

Mindy Hamilton said on behalf of Marvel: “Seeing this car come to life is like wish fulfilment for so many of us. When you grow up reading comics, you dream of seeing that technology and those inventions become reality. We hope that everyone has just as much fun jumping into this one-of-a-kind vehicle as they would putting on the actual Iron Man suit of armour!”

KONA Iron Man: Be your own hero

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