Hyundai KONA 5 Star NCAP

Hyundai KONA NCAP success

Hyundai KONA safety has received the top approval of Euro NCAP with a 5-star rating, placing it amongst the safest cars in the B-SUV segment. Great news for Hyundai fans, as the December release of Euro NCAP’s safety ratings contained cars from some other manufacturers that were only able to score three stars for their safety and one car with a zero rating. Thanks to Hyundai’s Smartsense technology, the Hyundai KONA NCAP testing showed it meeting the highest of safety standards. To find out more about safer motoring with the Hyundai KONA, contact us to ask about a test drive.

Making safety accessible to all, the Hyundai KONA benefits from the availability of safety technologies like autonomous emergency braking to help you avoid ever being in an accident by sensing the presence of a car or pedestrian in front of the vehicle and braking, if the driver doesn’t do so. Another vital technology, lane keep assist, passed all the Euro NCAP tests. It alerts the driver should the car start to veer out of its lane and can also apply corrective steering. An array of other safety technologies is also available on the KONA, although Euro NCAP doesn’t even test many of these yet.

With an 87% score for adult occupant safety and an 85% child occupant score, the Hyundai KONA is certainly a safe place for you and your family should an accident ever occur.

KONA making safety more accessible

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