Hyundai NEXO Concept drives cleaner

900kg of London’s air is cleaner after Hyundai Clean Driving Month


You’ll have heard how some cars can cause a huge amount of air pollution. Well, here’s a car that does the exact opposite – the Hyundai NEXO Concept actually cleans the air as it drives. It might sound counterintuitive, but it’s all down to the highly advanced hydrogen fuel-cell technology used by the Hyundai NEXO Concept, which means that the only thing given off by this car is pure water. And to prove just how effective the Hyundai NEXO Concept is at cleaning the air, Hyundai Clean Driving Month has been running in London with the help of University College London.

Now the results are in, and they’re impressive. During Hyundai Clean Driving Month, a Hyundai NEXO Concept was driven 350 miles over 31 days, along the most polluted roads in London known to have high levels of both Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) and Particulate Matter (PM). Thanks to the advanced air purification system on the Hyundai NEXO Concept, 99.9% of all particulates were removed from the air passing through it. This resulted in cleaning enough air for an adult to breathe for 60 days. A remarkable outcome, especially when you think that it’s also the same amount of air that 1,455 adults breathe in an hour. If that’s what one Hyundai NEXO Concept can achieve, just think about how clean our cities’ air would be if all cars on the road were NEXO Concepts! Production models are arriving in the UK in 2019, register your interest today for more information.

Sylvie Childs, Hyundai’s Senior Product Manager for NEXO, was obviously proud of the results of Hyundai Clean Driving Month, saying, “At Hyundai, we are committed to improving the efficiency and environmental performance of all our vehicles and have been investing billions in bringing a full range of low and zero emission vehicles to the marketplace. We believe that the availability of alternatives, like the NEXO fuel cell electric vehicle, will bring the UK closer to its zero emissions future.”

Hyundai NEXO Concept: get thinking, talking and driving cleaner

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