Hyundai MOT

Get a professional Hyundai MOT test for only £54.85

Whether you’re looking for your Hyundai’s MOT in London, Watford or Essex, Endeavour Hyundai is the place to go to ensure your Hyundai receives a truly professional MOT test by Hyundai-trained professionals. By law, you must put your car through an MOT test every year, once it’s three years old, to check that it’s roadworthy, and by having it carried out at any of our authorised dealers will give you additional peace-of-mind. To get your Hyundai MOT test organised, just get in touch with your local Endeavour Hyundai dealership.

Whilst the components of your car covered under an MOT test are set down for every MOT test centre to check, at Endeavour Hyundai, you have the advantage that we know all about every Hyundai model. This is particularly important if we find anything that results in a failure or about which we advise you as a potential problem in the future. It means you can book your Hyundai in with our specialist Hyundai maintenance team as soon as possible and get any issues sorted out with the minimum of inconvenience.

An MOT test covers a multitude of vital components on your car, including:

  • Wheels and tyres (make sure you have at least the minimum legal tread depth)
  • Condition and effectiveness of the brakes
  • Steering
  • Suspension
  • Vehicle lights (make sure you don’t have any bulbs out)
  • Windscreen wipers (are your wiper blades in need of replacing?)
  • Exhaust emissions (keeping the impact of your car on the environment to a minimum)
  • Seatbelts and safety equipment
  • A thorough check of your Hyundai’s bodywork

Hyundai MOT: bring your Hyundai to genuine Hyundai specialists

To book your car’s MOT, please phone us or send us a Hyundai MOT enquiry