Want a car which is virtually brand new, with just delivery mileage, but at a used car price? You could save up to £7,770 off the MRRP of a wide choice of Hyundai vehicles, all with the reassurance of buying from a recognised main dealer.

Our stock is constantly changing, so you'll need to be quick as we only have limited stocks available and once they're gone they're gone!

Our latest stock list is below:

Model RegColour MRRP Our Price Save
i10 1.0 S
LM68 HDK TOMATO RED £9,195 £7,695£1,500
i10 1.0 S LM68 HDL TOMATO RED £9,195 £7,695£1,500
i10 1.0 S LM68 HDU TOMATO RED £9,195 £7,695£1,500
i10 1.0 S LM68 HDY TOMATO RED £9,195 £7,695£1,500
i10 1.0 S LM68 HEU TOMATO RED £9,195 £7,695£1,500
i10 1.0 S LM68 HFE TOMATO RED £9,195 £7,695£1,500
i10 1.0 SE EN18EWU STARDUST GREY £11,495 £9,495£2,505
i10 1.0 SE LM68 LRA CHAMPION BLUE £10,950 £9,295£2,490
i10 1.2 PREM MAN EA68LUW TOMATO RED £12,725 £11,640£1,230
i10 1.2 PREM SE MAN EA68LUZ TOMATO RED £13,675 £12,240£1,476
i10 1.2 SE MAN EA68LUJ BLACK £12,145 £10,990£1,548
i10 1.2 SE MAN EA68LUP TOMATO RED £11,595 £10,690£998
i10 1.2 SE MAN EA68LUR WHITE £11,595 £10,690£998
i10 1.2 SE MAN EA68LUT WHITE £11,595 £10,690£998
i10 1.2 SE MAN EA68LVB WHITE £11,595 £10,690£998
i10 MY17 1.0 SE EG18YBV SLEEK SILVER £11,495 £9,495£2,516
i10 PREM SE AUTO LS68 WBV CLEAN SLATE £15,075 £13,495£1,921
i10 PREMIUM SE AUTO LN68 HFD POLAR WHITE £14,975 £13,295£1,821
i10 SE 1.2 AUTO EF68HZV CLEAN SLATE £12,895 £10,995£1,900
i10 SE 1.2 AUTO EF68HZW POLAR WHITE £12,345 £10,995£1,350
i10 SE 1.2 AUTO EF68HZY STARDUST GREY £12,895 £10,995£1,900
i10 SE 1.2 AUTO EF68JBX CHAMPION BLUE £12,895 £10,995£1,900
i10 SE 1.2 AUTO LL68NFG STARDUST GREY £12,895 £11,495£1,900
i10 SE 1.2 AUTO LL68NFH PHANTOM BLACK £12,895 £11,495£1,900
i10 SE 1.2 AUTO LL68NFJ SLEEK SILVER £12,895 £11,495£1,900
i10 SE 1.2 AUTO LM68 LRJ RED PASSION £12,895 £11,495£1,900
i10 SE 1.2 AUTO LM68 LRF CHAMPION BLUE £12,895 £11,495£1,900
i10 SE GO LN68 HFA CHAMPION BLUE £12,240 £10,795£1,763
i20 MY19 1.0 DCT SE EG18YCB TOMATO RED £17,645 £15,495£2,865
i20 MY19 1.0 Prem Nav EG18YBY CLEAN SLATE £17,695 £15,250£3,215
i20 MY19 1.2 SE EG18JHJ CLEAN SLATE £16,045 £13,995£2,650
i20 PREM NAV DCT LS68 WBX PHANTOM BLACK £18,945 £16,495£2,965
i20 SE 1.0T DCT (MY19) LP18 PFN STARDUST GREY £18,495 £14,995£3,798
i20 SE 1.0T DCT (MY19) LL68VAV TOMATO RED £18,495 £14,995£3,500
i20 SE 1.2 LL68NHA POLAR WHITE £15,495 £13,495£2,000
i20 SE 1.2 LL68NHB TOMATO RED £15,495 £13,495£2,000
i30 1.6 D SE TOURER ET18NBZ POLAR WHITE £20,340 £16,995£3,931
i30 PREM SE TR 1.6 MAN EK68ZNG SILVER £24,950 £20,290£4,970
i40 1.7 DCT SE BUSINESS SL EK68ZNC MIN BLUE £28,370 £21,490£7,180
i40 SL SE NAV 1.7 141PS DCT BD MY17 LL68VAU PLATINUM SILVER £26,915 £21,495£5,420
IONIQ 1.6 SE HEV EA68LVH IRON GREY £22,375 £19,995£2,380
IONIQ 1.6 SE HEV EA68OPF SILVER £22,375 £19,995£2,380
IONIQ PH PREM 1.6 GDI MY18 EF68OGE FIERY RED £28,960 £26,995£1,965
SANTA FE 7-ST 2.2 PRM SE BD MY16 (OLD MODEL) EF68EFU TITANIUM SILVER £38,765 £30,995£7,770
TUCSON SE GO 1.7D 141PS DCT EF18 WSE PHANTOM BLACK £26,710 £22,995£4,730


Please note some vehicles may not be deliverable immediately. Subject to availability while stocks last. Savings over list price vary depending on stock. You will be the second registered owner of the vehicle.

*Finance subject to status. All monthly payments subject to revision based on the presiding residual values of the vehicle. Terms and conditions apply. For vehicles registered and delivered between 1st January and 31st March 2019. You will not own the vehicle until all payments are made. Applicant must be 18 or over. Guarantees/indemnities may be required. At the end of the Personal Contract Purchase there are three options: (i) Part exchange the vehicle. (ii) Pay the GFV (Guaranteed Future Value) to own the vehicle of (iii) Return the vehicle. Further charges may be made subject to the condition of the vehicle. Hyundai Capital UK Ltd T/A Hyundai Finance RH1 1SR.