Hyundai named Electric Vehicle Manufacturer of the Year

Awarded for the KONA Electric and IONIQ Electric models


Hyundai has been awarded ‘Electric Vehicle Manufacturer of the Year’ at the annual GreenFleet awards for their groundbreaking KONA Electric and IONIQ Electric models.

The KONA Electric is the newest fully electric offering from Hyundai and brings together the latest in electric powertrain and connected technologies, while the IONIQ Electric is just one member of the IONIQ family – the world’s first vehicle offered with three different electronic powertrains.

‘Hyundai is making electric mobility accessible to the masses with its IONIQ and KONA models. They are attractive, safe, affordable, practical and, crucially, offer excellent range, with the KONA capable of 300 miles and the IONIQ 173 miles,’ said Angela Pisanu, Editor of GreenFleet.

Hyundai continues to develop and invest in low emissions technology, with the NEXO Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle expected in 2019. Capable of travelling 414 zero-emission miles on each fill, the ingenious NEXO cleans the air as it drives, cleaning nearly a tonne of fine particulates from London’s air during October’s ‘Clean Driving Month’.

The GreenFleet Awards are now in their 14th year and bring together leaders from the automotive and fleet industries to work collaboratively in reducing the negative environmental effects of fleet operations.

Hyundai Motor UK President and CEO Tony Whitehorn said, ‘Our electric offerings, including KONA and IONIQ, represent extremely good value for money, are packed full of the latest technology and come as standard with the peace of mind that’s afforded by Hyundai’s five-year unlimited mileage and eight-year or 125,000-mile high voltage battery warranty. These models are just the start of Hyundai’s electric story, and I look forward to sharing with you all the exciting innovations we have coming over the next five years and beyond.’

Hyundai’s commitment to reducing emissions across its range will see three new, fully electrified vehicles by 2022 and 18 new, electrified models by 2025.

You can test-drive the innovative Hyundai electric range at Endeavour Hyundai now.

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