Hyundai KONA 10 challenge

What a challenge! And the Hyundai KONA nailed it

Based around the 10 most iconic volcanic landscapes in the UK and Ireland, the Hyundai KONA 10 Challenge is tough – especially so when you plan to do it in just 72 hours. Sophie Radcliffe, driving a Hyundai KONA, was certainly up for this demanding task, having turned adventurer some four years ago. And the KONA was up for it too. 

The Hyundai KONA 10 Challenge faced heavy snow, temperatures as low as minus 10 degrees and winds that reached up to 50mph, as well as having to scale heights of over 12,000 feet, as the KONA and its intrepid driver went from locations as varied as Snowdon, Cuillin Ridge and Ben Nevis. In all, the KONA was driven 1,046 miles in that 72 hours. Thanks to its four-wheel drive and tough design, the KONA and Sophie came through unscathed, and thanks to its Krell sound system, head-up display and connectivity, Sophie was able to manage the drive in comfort.

Take a look at the video of some of the highlights of this incredible challenge and If you want to put the Hyundai KONA through its paces, just ask us about a test drive. 

If you would like to try the KONA 10 Challenge for yourself, the route is given here, whilst more of the background to the locations and their historical significance can be found here, where historian, Dr. Michael Scott and volcanologist, Dr Julia Crummy, who chose the locations, explain more.

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