VED (Vehicle Tax) Changes from April 2020

Vehicle Road Tax (VED) is changing for new vehicles registered on or after 1st April 2020. If you are looking to purchase or upgrade you vehicle this year, get in touch. Purchasing a new vehicle with us before 1st April 2020 as it could save you up to £960 in tax.

Why is VED changing?

The Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicles Test Procedure (WLTP) is a new measuring process for determining a vehicle’s official fuel consumption, range and CO2 emissions.

The previous testing procedure known as NEDC, was developed in the 1990s and is now outdated. WLTP has been designed to better reflect real driving conditions, to give a more accurate view of a vehicle’s emissions and fuel economy.

How will this affect your Road Tax?

The new WLTP testing procedure has been designed to better reflect real driving conditions, to give a more accurate view of a vehicle’s emissions and fuel economy. This change takes effect from 1st April for VED (Vehicle Excise Duty or Road Tax) and 6th April for Benefit in Kind on Company Car Tax. Because the WLTP test is more stringent, the results

See the table below to see how much you can save by purchasing your new vehicle before 1st April 2020.

CarlineTrim levelFuelPowertrainVED MarchVED AprilSaving
XC90R-DesignPT6 AWD Auto£855£1,815£960
XC90InscriptionPT6 AWD Auto£855£1,815£960
XC40R-Design ProPT5 AWD Auto£530£1,280£750
XC60R-Design ProPB5 (Petrol) AWD Auto£530£1,280£750
V90R-Design PlusDD5 AWD Auto£530£1,280£750
V90Inscription PlusDD5 AWD Auto£530£1,280£750
V90Cross Country PlusDD4 AWD Auto£530£1,280£750
XC90MomentumPB5 (Petrol) AWD Auto£530£1,280£750
XC90Momentum ProPB5 (Petrol) AWD Auto£530£1,280£750
XC90R-DesignPB5 (Petrol) AWD Auto£530£1,280£750
XC90R-Design ProPB5 (Petrol) AWD Auto£530£1,280£750
XC90InscriptionPB5 (Petrol) AWD Auto£530£1,280£750
XC90Inscription ProPB5 (Petrol) AWD Auto£530£1,280£750
XC60R-DesignPB6 (Petrol) AWD Auto£530£1,280£750
V60R-Design PlusDD3 FWD Auto£210£855£645
XC60MomentumDD4 FWD Auto£210£855£645
XC60MomentumPB5 (Petrol) Auto£210£855£645
XC60Momentum ProDD4 FWD Auto£210£855£645
XC60Momentum ProPB5 (Petrol) Auto£210£855£645
XC60R-DesignDD4 FWD Auto£210£855£645
XC60R-DesignPB5 (Petrol) Auto£210£855£645
XC60InscriptionDD4 FWD Auto£210£855£645
XC60InscriptionPB5 (Petrol) Auto£210£855£645
V90Momentum PlusDD4 FWD Auto£210£855£645
V90R-Design PlusDD4 FWD Auto£210£855£645
V90Inscription PlusDD4 FWD Auto£210£855£645
XC90R-Design ProPT6 AWD Auto£1,280£1,815£535
XC90Inscription ProPT6 AWD Auto£1,280£1,815£535
XC60R-DesignPT6 AWD Auto£855£1,280£425
XC60R-Design ProDB4 (Diesel) AWD Auto£855£1,280£425
XC60R-Design ProDB5 (Diesel) AWD Auto£855£1,280£425
XC60R-Design ProPT6 AWD Auto£855£1,280£425
V90R-Design PlusPT6 AWD Auto£855£1,280£425
V90Cross Country PlusDD5 AWD Auto£855£1,280£425
V90Cross Country PlusPT5 AWD Auto£855£1,280£425
V90Cross Country PlusPT6 AWD Auto£855£1,280£425
XC90MomentumDB5 (Diesel) AWD Auto£855£1,280£425
XC90Momentum ProDB5 (Diesel) AWD Auto£855£1,280£425
XC90R-DesignDB5 (Diesel) AWD Auto£855£1,280£425
XC90R-Design ProDB5 (Diesel) AWD Auto£855£1,280£425
XC90InscriptionDB5 (Diesel) AWD Auto£855£1,280£425
XC90Inscription ProDB5 (Diesel) AWD Auto£855£1,280£425
XC60R-Design ProPB6 (Petrol) AWD Auto£855£1,280£425
XC90R-DesignPB6 (Petrol) AWD Auto£855£1,280£425
XC90R-Design ProPB6 (Petrol) AWD Auto£855£1,280£425
XC90InscriptionPB6 (Petrol) AWD Auto£855£1,280£425
XC90Inscription ProPB6 (Petrol) AWD Auto£855£1,280£425
XC40MomentumDD3 FWD Auto£530£855£325
XC40MomentumDD3 AWD Auto£530£855£325
XC40MomentumPT4 FWD Auto£530£855£325
XC40MomentumPT4 AWD Auto£530£855£325
XC40Momentum ProDD3 FWD Auto£530£855£325
XC40Momentum ProDD3 AWD Auto£530£855£325
XC40Momentum ProPT4 FWD Auto£530£855£325
XC40Momentum ProPT4 AWD Auto£530£855£325
XC40R-DesignDD3 FWD Auto£530£855£325
XC40R-DesignDD3 AWD Auto£530£855£325
XC40R-DesignDD4 AWD Auto£530£855£325
XC40R-DesignPT4 FWD Auto£530£855£325
XC40R-DesignPT4 AWD Auto£530£855£325
XC40R-DesignPT5 AWD Auto£530£855£325
XC40R-Design ProDD3 FWD Auto£530£855£325
XC40R-Design ProDD3 AWD Auto£530£855£325
XC40R-Design ProDD4 AWD Auto£530£855£325
XC40R-Design ProPT4 FWD Auto£530£855£325
XC40R-Design ProPT4 AWD Auto£530£855£325
XC40InscriptionDD3 FWD Auto£530£855£325
XC40InscriptionDD3 AWD Auto£530£855£325
XC40InscriptionDD4 AWD Auto£530£855£325
XC40InscriptionPT4 FWD Auto£530£855£325
XC40InscriptionPT4 AWD Auto£530£855£325
XC40InscriptionPT5 AWD Auto£530£855£325
XC40Inscription ProDD3 FWD Auto£530£855£325
XC40Inscription ProDD3 AWD Auto£530£855£325
XC40Inscription ProDD4 AWD Auto£530£855£325
XC40Inscription ProPT4 FWD Auto£530£855£325
XC40Inscription ProPT4 AWD Auto£530£855£325
XC40Inscription ProPT5 AWD Auto£530£855£325
V60Momentum PlusPT4 FWD Auto£530£855£325
V60Momentum PlusPT5 FWD Auto£530£855£325
V60R-Design PlusPT4 FWD Auto£530£855£325
V60R-Design PlusPT5 FWD Auto£530£855£325
V60Inscription PlusPT4 FWD Auto£530£855£325
V60Inscription PlusPT5 FWD Auto£530£855£325
V60Cross Country PlusDD4 AWD Auto£530£855£325
V60Cross Country PlusPT5 AWD Auto£530£855£325
XC60MomentumDB4 (Diesel) AWD Auto£530£855£325
XC60MomentumPT4 FWD Edition Auto£530£855£325
XC60MomentumPB5 (Petrol) AWD Auto£530£855£325
XC60Momentum ProDB4 (Diesel) AWD Auto£530£855£325
XC60Momentum ProPB5 (Petrol) AWD Auto£530£855£325
XC60R-DesignDB4 (Diesel) AWD Auto£530£855£325
XC60R-DesignDB5 (Diesel) AWD Auto£530£855£325
XC60R-DesignPB5 (Petrol) AWD Auto£530£855£325
XC60R-Design ProPB5 (Petrol) Auto£530£855£325
XC60InscriptionDB4 (Diesel) AWD Auto£530£855£325
XC60InscriptionDB5 (Diesel) AWD Auto£530£855£325
XC60InscriptionPB5 (Petrol) AWD Auto£530£855£325
XC60Inscription ProDB4 (Diesel) AWD Auto£530£855£325
XC60Inscription ProDB5 (Diesel) AWD Auto£530£855£325
XC60Inscription ProPB5 (Petrol) Auto£530£855£325
XC60Inscription ProPB5 (Petrol) AWD Auto£530£855£325
S90R-Design PlusDD5 AWD Auto£530£855£325
S90R-Design PlusPT5 FWD Auto£530£855£325
S90Inscription PlusDD5 AWD Auto£530£855£325
S90Inscription PlusPT5 FWD Auto£530£855£325
V90Momentum PlusPT4 FWD Auto£530£855£325
V90R-Design PlusPT4 FWD Auto£530£855£325
V90R-Design PlusPT5 FWD Auto£530£855£325
V90Inscription PlusPT4 FWD Auto£530£855£325
V90Inscription PlusPT5 FWD Auto£530£855£325
XC40Momentum CorePT2 FWD Manual£210£530£320
XC40MomentumDD3 FWD Manual£210£530£320
XC40MomentumPT3 FWD Manual£210£530£320
XC40MomentumPT3 FWD Auto£210£530£320
XC40Momentum ProDD3 FWD Manual£210£530£320
XC40Momentum ProPT3 FWD Manual£210£530£320
XC40Momentum ProPT3 FWD Auto£210£530£320
XC40R-DesignDD3 FWD Manual£210£530£320
XC40R-DesignPT3 FWD Manual£210£530£320
XC40R-DesignPT3 FWD Auto£210£530£320
XC40R-Design ProDD3 FWD Manual£210£530£320
XC40R-Design ProPT3 FWD Manual£210£530£320
XC40R-Design ProPT3 FWD Auto£210£530£320
XC40InscriptionDD3 FWD Manual£210£530£320
XC40InscriptionPT3 FWD Manual£210£530£320
XC40InscriptionPT3 FWD Auto£210£530£320
XC40Inscription ProDD3 FWD Manual£210£530£320
XC40Inscription ProPT3 FWD Manual£210£530£320
XC40Inscription ProPT3 FWD Auto£210£530£320
V60Momentum PlusDD3 FWD Manual£210£530£320
V60Momentum PlusDD3 FWD Auto£210£530£320
V60Momentum PlusDD4 FWD Manual£210£530£320
V60Momentum PlusDD4 FWD Auto£210£530£320
V60R-Design PlusDD3 FWD Manual£210£530£320
V60R-Design PlusDD4 FWD Manual£210£530£320
V60R-Design PlusDD4 FWD Auto£210£530£320
V60Inscription PlusDD3 FWD Manual£210£530£320
V60Inscription PlusDD3 FWD Auto£210£530£320
V60Inscription PlusDD4 FWD Manual£210£530£320
V60Inscription PlusDD4 FWD Auto£210£530£320
S90Momentum PlusDD4 FWD Auto£210£530£320
S90R-Design PlusDD4 FWD Auto£210£530£320
S90Inscription PlusDD4 FWD Auto£210£530£320
S60R-Design PlusPT5 FWD Auto£530£530£0
S60Inscription PlusPT5 FWD Auto£530£530£0
S90Momentum PlusPT4 FWD Auto£530£530£0
S90R-Design PlusPT4 FWD Auto£530£530£0
S90Inscription PlusPT4 FWD Auto£530£530£0

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