Hyundai i30 N Driving Experience

You can take the Hyundai i30 N Millbrook challenge

Yes, you could be behind the wheel and having the drive of your lifetime in a Hyundai i30 N at Millbrook proving ground. This Hyundai i30 N driving experience is absolutely free but places are limited, so make sure you register today to guarantee you get N. Excel at the Hyundai i30 N Millbrook challenge and you could win Hyundai Motorsport WRC Co-Drive experiences at the 2018 Wales Rally GB. But what’s best about the Hyundai i30 N driving experience is that you get to put this exhilarating hot hatch through its paces, no limits. Don’t wait, register here, now.

Book soon enough and you can choose to take your Hyundai i30 N Millbrook experience day on 11th, 12th, 18th or 19th August. There’ll be professional drivers on hand to give you some tips and there are four test tracks for you to try, including the famous ‘Mile Straight’ and the infamous ‘High-Speed Bowl’. Outstanding driving skills will be rewarded as you edge up the leader board to win a Hyundai Motorsport WRC Co-Drive experience, whilst the overall winner will receive a full weekend at the Wales Rally GB from Saturday 6th October to Monday 8th October with all meals and accommodation included. Before you drive off in your Hyundai i30 N, you’ll have been fitted with a heart-rate monitor to test your emotional response to the excitement of taking the i30 N to the Nth degree – the results will count towards your success. And while you’re waiting to get back behind the wheel, you can visit the Nth Degree Hub, where you can immerse yourself in everything that’s amazing about the i30 N and earn extra points through the interactive challenges on offer. When you’re all driven out, get yourself into the Critic’s Couch and recount your experience of just what a Hyundai i30 N can do with its a four-cylinder 2.0-litre T-GDI turbo engine, 275PS of power and 353Nm of torque on a track that’s made for performance.

A unique track day for a unique car: Hyundai i30 N driving experience at Millbrook

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